Katarina Barley wants to relieve separation families financially | TIME ONLINE

Federal Minister of Justice Katarina Barley (SPD) has called for financial relief for parents who raise their children together after the separation. This is important for the children, she said New Osnabrück newspaper, "All of a sudden, two apartments have to be financed or high travel costs have to be paid for, which in addition acts as a fire accelerator in conflict situations." According to her, around 200,000 children are affected each year by the separation of their parents.

The SPD politician also defended her proposal to equate lesbian couples in the birth of a child heterosexual couples. "The point is that the existing right of descent no longer adequately reflects today's family constellations and therefore does not always meet the interests of both child and parent," Barley said. This is not about supporting marginalized groups, but about concrete help for couples. "This affects rainbow families as well as divorce families and childbearing couples."

According to Barley, new regulations are "overdue" because of the fact that every third marriage breaks up and divorce proceedings can take a long time. "If, for example, a woman gets a child with her new partner before divorce from her husband, it takes a very time-consuming legal procedure to clarify the legal status of this child," said the SPD minister.

Their draft provides that the agreement of the three parties is sufficient. Even with artificial insemination, there should be clear rules for the legal relationship between sperm donor, mother and wishful father on the one hand and the child on the other.


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