Kavanaugh hearing comes to the conclusion

The hearing for candidate Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh ended after a marathon session that began on Thursday, September 27 at 10:00 CET.

The Judicial Committee of the Senate has Dr. The allegations of Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his reaction. She claims that Kavanaugh stifled her in 1982 and sexually abused her.

Here is a summary of the hearing on Thursday.

Ford & # 39; s opening statement

Both Ford and Kavanaugh have released their opening statements before the hearing.

"I'm here today, not because I want it to be, I'm scared, I'm here because I think it's my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while Brett Kavanaugh and I were in high school. I have described the events in public before, "Ford said in her statement," I summarized them in my letter to Rank Feinstein and again in my letter to Chairman Grassley. I understand and know how important it is for you to hear directly from me what happened to me and what impact this has on my life and on me. "

Ford said she was with Kavanaugh in 1982 and that Kavanaugh had cornered her in a bedroom.

"For a long time I was too scared and ashamed to tell the details, I did not want to tell my parents that I was in a house without parents at the age of 15 and drank beer with boys," he wrote to Ford. convince myself that Brett should not rape me, I could do it, go ahead and pretend it never happened Over the years I have told very few friends that I had this traumatic experience I told my husband before we were married, I had experienced a sexual assault. "

Then she told a therapy session as she discussed the attack.

"When the press reported on the letter I had sent to Senator Feinstein, I was increasingly faced with pressure, reporters came to my home and worked on information about this letter, even in the presence of my PhD students," Ford said. "They called my boss and my colleagues and left many messages that made clear that my name was inevitable would be published in the media."

She ended her statement by saying that she "would do her best" to answer the committee's questions.

The hearing begins

Senator Chuck Grassley opened the hearing.

Grassley underwent previous appointments from Kavanaugh as a judge.

"As part of the FBI report … they did not find any problems with inappropriate sexual behavior," Grassley said.

"We are trying to investigate the other allegations," said Grassley. "My colleagues … have a wife [Deborah] Ramirez Eight Evidence Proposals and Woman [Julie] Swetnick made six requests for evidence. We can not determine whether the lawyers are stagnating. & # 39;

Grassley refers to the other two women who accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

Feinstein's opening statement discussed the other accusations against Kavanaugh and she and Grassley gave a boost when she said she would introduce Ford if Grassley did not do so in his opening statement. He then criticized Feinstein for having raised the "unfounded" claims of other women against Kavanaugh.

Ford is sworn in

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

"I think I need some caffeine after my opening speech," Ford began with a smile.

"I understand and know how important it is to hear directly from me what happened to me," Ford said.

When Ford's opening statement began, her voice quivered. While she discussed the details of the attack, she was openly emotional.

I thought he would accidentally kill me, & # 39; Ford said, her voice trembled.

"As the process approached, I faced a terrible decision," Ford said, telling me that she could stay calm and protect her family, or that she could speak out and let people know what was really happening.

"I thought if I did, my only voice would be drowned out by a lot of supporters," Ford said, her voice trembling.

"My responsibility is to tell the truth," Ford said, adding that she had never been interviewed by a professional lawyer before, so she would do her best to answer all questions.

Ford terminated her statement by saying that she would like some caffeine.

Each Senator has five minutes to ask Ford questions.

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The question starts

The first question concerned a WhatsApp interview. Ford corrected it because she accidentally described PJ, one of the boys, as a spectator. She said, however, that the boy was not with her, Kavanaugh and Richter.

Why did you keep all those years? & # 39; Asked Feinstein as she began her five-minute interrogation.

Ford said she had revealed her experiences in therapy, so she had not stopped all these years. She said she suffers from claustrophobia, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

"I suffered in Chapel Hill … I had academic problems," Ford said when asked how the attack affected her life.

I wondered if I would jump on a train that would go there anyway, & # 39; Ford said and explained why she was so afraid to move forward.

When asked if it could be a false identity, Ford was very clear. She said, "Absolutely not." Her voice did not vibrate when she answered.

"I can sketch a map," Ford offered when asked what had happened on the day she was attacked.

"They were having fun at my expense," Ford said when she described why she had never forgotten the incident.

"They laughed together … I was among one of them while they were laughing, and two friends are having a good time," said Ford.

With what certainty do you think Kavanaugh attacked you? Early Senator Dick Durbin.

"100%," Ford replied.

The committee takes a break

The committee takes a break of 15 minutes and the survey will be continued shortly.

Ford was asked if she had seen judges after the attack or not. She said she was in the Safeway of Potomac Village when she went shopping with her mother. Jane Mayer, who has written stories about the # Metoo movement with Ronan Farrow, has posted a tweet:

Professor Ford says she saw Mark Judge after the attack in the Potomac Village Safeway. In the book of Judges, Wasted, p. 93, he describes the work "as a bag boy in a local supermarket".

– Jane Mayer (@ JaneMayerNYer) September 27, 2018

Page 93 of Mark Judge Wasted's book describes works in a local supermarket and "so toxic to alcohol that I have the dry sky". pic.twitter.com/toPc9LBHob

– Janelle Rodriguez (@janelleNBC) September 27, 2018

Request continuation

"I feel I might be more helpful if that were the case," said Ford Sen Sheldon Whitehouse. The Democratic Senator had asked if Ford would feel comfortable if the FBI opened an investigation into their allegations against Kavanaugh.

Whitehouse had no further questions for Ford, but said that an investigation had to be made.

The lawyer of the Republicans again asks if Kavanaugh was ever mentioned in the therapy information. Ford says no.

The lawyer then asked if there were other reasons for Ford's fear, PTSD and claustrophobia.

"Nothing is as striking as this event," Ford replied.

The next question to the lawyer was Ford's alleged fear of flying.

"I could take off with the help of a few friends to get on the plane," Ford replied when asked about her fear and her arrival in Washington.

"I thought it was very important to have the information with you, but I did not know how to do it [Kavanaugh] on the shortlist, "Ford responded while Senator Chris Coons asked for her motivation to speak and whether it was true or not that she was interested in ensuring that the world told the truth about someone on the shortlist for one lifelong appointment for the highest court in the country knew.

Ford was asked by the lawyer if she had spoken with her parents or not. "Absolutely not," she replied.

Senator Richard Blumenthal asked if Ford wants Richter to be interviewed.

She said it was preferable and she felt that she could be more helpful if that were the case. She has repeatedly repeated that she was already helpful during the hearing.

When asked why the Polygrapher came to a hotel to manage the polygraph, Ford replied that it was the day or the day after the funeral of her grandmother.

"The test would show what he would reveal," Ford replied when asked if she had ever been coached. She said no.

& # 39; You can see how worried I was by the awful handwriting, & # 39; smiled Ford.

The hearing makes a break for lunch

The hearing lasts about 30 minutes for a lunch break.

The hearing continues with the Ford asking questions

Senator Mazie Hirono began by asking if Ford was politically motivated or not.

"No," Ford replied.

The lawyer resumed her interrogation and asked who paid the polygraph. Ford's attorney responded to Ford that the polygraph attorneys paid "as usual".

The lawyer continued to inquire about the possible rejection of the letter to Feinstein. The question was not clear to Ford and she kept saying that she did not understand.

After questioning the prosecutor, Senator Cory Booker said, "This is not a courtroom, it is not a lawsuit."

"I wish I could be more helpful," Ford repeated.

"I think when we started talking about the possibility of a hearing," Ford said when he asked for an FBI hearing. "I would like to participate in an investigation."

The lawyer switched to a series of questions about Ford's legal advisors and how they paid for everything. After she replied that she knows people donated money to pay her lawyer, her lawyers replied that they volunteered.

After Senator Kamala Harris gave a powerful speech in which she said to Ford, "I believe you," Ford said clearly.

Ford has been fired; Kavanaugh is under way

But first a break of 45 minutes.

Kavanaugh is sworn in

Kavanaugh said he reads another statement than last night's.

& # 39; My family and my name are totally destroyed …, & # 39; Kavanaugh said angrily.