"Kissing sailor" died at the age of 95 | TIME ONLINE

George Mendonsa, the "Kissing Seaman" on the famous black and white photograph, died at the age of 95. The US media cited its daughter Sharon Moeller. According to the veteran of the US Navy died this weekend in a retirement home in Middletown in the US state of Rhode Island.

The photo, which made him world famous, shows Mendonsa with the dental assistant Greta Zimmer Friedman in Times Square in New York. There he met her on August 14, 1945, spontaneously hugged and kissed her.

The scene was captured by the photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. He was in Times Square in Manhattan to hold the victory ceremony for Japan's capitulation second World War to document.

"My father was very proud of his service with the Navy, as well as on
the picture, and what it meant, "his daughter is quoted in the US media." It was always,
many, many years later, an important part of his life. "

After the release of the photo, many other sailors had claimed that they were pictured there. However, face recognition programs later confirmed that the young man was Mendonsa.

His spontaneous acquaintance Greta Zimmer Friedman died in 2016. According to the broadcaster NBC, she was 92 years old.