Kleve: Opposition demands replacement of NRW Minister of Justice

After the death of a Syrian prisoner in a cell fire in the prison Kleve, the opposition of SPD and Greens demands the resignation of North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of Justice Peter Biesenbach (CDU). Previously, doubts about the previous version of the alleged suicide of a Syrian in the prison became known. "He has misinformed Parliament and the public on a very central question," said SPD parliamentary group vice-president Sven Wolf with a view to Biesenbach. He would have to assume political responsibility for this.
            According to a new report of the NRW Ministry of Justice, which is available on ZEIT ONLINE, the man on the day of the fire, contrary to earlier presentations in his cell but the intercom pressed. The Syrian had "pressed against 19:10 clock the intercom in the prison room 143," says the report.
            This is therefore evidenced by a data carrier, which has now appeared in a foreign service provider based in the JVA Geldern. According to reports, the prosecution is now investigating why the intercom light signal has been deactivated.

    Kleve prison – doubts about the suicide of the imprisoned Syrian
        After the death of the Syrian inmate, doubts grow on the suicide theory. The North Rhine-Westphalian SPD demands the resignation of Justice Minister Peter Biesenbach.
                © Photo: Markus van Offern / dpa
            At the end of September, two weeks after a fire in his cell in Kleve, the Syrian had succumbed to his severe injuries in a Bochum hospital. The case also caused a great stir because the man was imprisoned for a confusion. In a police operation in July apparently personal information had been confused. The Greens call for a committee of inquiry.