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The Fridays for Future demonstrations attract attention – and the debate about them can trigger shitstorms as I have experienced. One thing is for sure: limiting global warming is a human task. The demonstrating adolescents have a legitimate concern when they point out the importance of being more effective climate Protection is. In freedom, people can only develop if they find intact livelihoods.

In the social media I am for an opinion from an interview with the Picture on Sunday been attacked. In it I had said that I find political engagement of students great, but this should take place after school. In fact, nobody today speaks of a "zero-buck-generation" anymore. That's good. But demonstrating during school time does not make the engagement more valuable. In Germany, on the one hand, school failures are complained about, and on the other hand, the highest ranking, from the Federal government Out trivializing tails of school lessons. For example, the "Pulse of Europe" demonstrations take place in the free time.

Lesson time should be used to inform about physical and scientific as well as technical and economic contexts. Therefore, I propose that once every school year at German schools a climate day is introduced: students can illuminate all facets of the subject – from physics to political education to geography.

Do not just listen to the stomach

To push for compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement is legitimate. Fortunately, these goals show us the way: in 2015, the international community committed itself to limiting global warming below two degrees in order to prevent catastrophic consequences for life on earth.

However, we must be careful to not only listen to the gut, but also to the mind in the implementation of these goals. In Germany, politics is now deeply involved in the technological implementation of climate protection measures. She gets bogged down in detail control. We pay subsidies, quote quotas and prohibitions. The costs for climate protection rise in the result. The cost of CO2 avoidance is already one of the highest in the world. The results, on the other hand, are sobering: our emissions are hardly falling. As a result, we have become a chilling example worldwide.

We have to change that. For every euro spent, we would have to achieve the maximum in terms of climate protection. We have to become more ambitious and efficient. I believe that goals should be set in the democratic process, but individual decisions on technologies can not be made on the drawing board. We have to set the framework within which engineers, economists and climate researchers find solutions. That's what I mean when I say that when it comes to climate protection when it comes to implementing the Paris goals, we have to listen more to the professionals. I too, as a politician, do not have the expertise of a physicist in this context. I'm not a professional, either.


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