Know when to evacuate? Before Hurricane Florence, learn the flood plains of Maryland on this new map – Baltimore Sun.

While Maryland is preparing for a major hurricane to reach the southeast coast later this week, a new tool from the Maryland Emergency Management Agency will allow local residents to check if they live in a flood-prone area and find out if they can be evacuated. to become.

In June, MEMA created a new evacuation system with a color-coded card to distinguish between flood-sensitive zones and to help residents understand whether they should evacuate in the event of a hurricane.

On the map, the coastal areas of the state are divided into three zones – A, B and C – on the basis of the probability of serious flooding in those areas. Zone A areas, shown in red on the map, are most likely affected by flooding caused by tropical storms and low-grade hurricanes, while Zone B, shown in yellow, is affected by hurricane Category 3 and stronger. Those in zone C, depicted in blue, would be the least affected by flooding, but still run the risk of evacuation.