Kölner Stadtarchiv: Why were three accused acquitted?

Kölner Stadtarchiv: Why were three accused acquitted?

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The disappointment is Frank Pagel to watch. Bent, motionless, folded with hands, he notes the verdict in the process of collapse of the city archives of Cologne. Then, in the early afternoon of March 3, 2009, Pagels & # 39; 17-year-old stepson Kevin and 24-year-old design student Khalid G died in the ruins of a residential building that collapsed as a result of the disaster. Their bodies were found only days later.

In total, seven people blamed the prosecutor for the collapse of the archive. One died before the trial and two others became ill during the trial. Of the remaining four, the court in Cologne has now acquitted three of the accusations of negligent murder and negligence. The prosecutor had demanded conditional punishment.

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