Kyler Murray - A baseball player becomes a footballer - a sport

  • Kyler Murray was selected by the Oakland Athletics baseball team in 2018 in the first round of the draft annual talent draw.
  • But now he has officially changed his career plans: He wants to become a football professional.

To be a pro professional, that's what many sporty girls and boys want. Once you get the call from a big club, once you have the professional contract on the table. Kyler Murray has probably always wanted that too. Only: The Texan Murray, 21, faced a tricky decision this winter. Not only did he have one, but two chances to become a pro. He had one contract, one to 99 percent. That's why Murray had to decide. However, not between two clubs, that would not have been so complicated – but between two sports.

Baseball and football, Murray plays so well that he could take a professional career. He decided a few days ago. He announced on Twitter, "I'll spend my life and time fully committed to becoming an NFL quarterback." Pro football so.

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"Anyone who can play at the highest level in these two sports is incredibly talented," says Christopher Howard on the case of Murray. The 30-year-old is on the coaching staff of the German national baseball team and heads the junior academy of the Munich-Haar Disciples, he also scouted in Germany for a team of the American professional league MLB. In 2018, Murray was selected by the MLB franchise Oakland Athletics in the first round of the Draft, the annual talent draw. "What's extremely good is just its speed," says Howard.

The Athletics allersings initially renounced Murray's speed – they allowed him to play another year of football in college. A decision that might make her grumpy in retrospect. Because in his last college year for the Oklahoma Sooners Murray not only played good football, but so well that he was awarded as the best player of the season with the coveted Heisman Trophy. After such a season, the playmaker can be sure that he will be selected by a football club in the annual talent draw in April, perhaps even as the first player ever.

In the NFL, Murray will be in the big stadiums much faster

So the dilemma was inevitable. Murray pondered for a while and finally discontinued the said tweet. "Of course that's very annoying for the Athletics because they've wasted a first-round pick, but that's business after all," says Howard. Business in this case means: Murray has probably weighed the earning potential in both cases. From Oakland, he got a contract that guarantees him $ 4.66 million. He should get a lot more in the NFL. Incidentally, he has to repay millions of Oakland.

In addition to Mammon, Murray also has a better athletic outlook in football. In professional baseball, he would probably first have to spend a few years with the junior leagues. The junior players are thus prepared for the league routine with 162 games a year. "It's something the body needs to get used to playing every day, which is not only a heavy burden on the body, especially mentally," says Howard. In the NFL, Murray will be much faster in the big stadiums, where the difference between college and professional sport is not that big.

Paycheck and athletic perspective are in football so, and Murray has also stressed in his statement his deep love of football. The fact that someone like Murray has both options to choose from has to do with the structures of American junior sports. While most young people in Germany play their football or handball season for a year, in the USA there is a different season for each sport. Murray played football from September to January and from January to June he could be a baseball player. Although he embodies an extreme with his extreme talent in both sports – that children in high school or students at the university do two or even more sports a year, but by no means unusual. Murray's father also played football and baseball.

Murray could also have tried to solve the situation in the same way that the icons "Bo" Jackson and Deion Sanders did in the '80s and' 90s – they just played in both professional leagues at the same time, and they did that pretty well. But in today's world this is hard to imagine. At least the NFL has become such a fast-paced, high-performance operation that double loading would be too much for Murray. Baseball will probably only play Murray in his free time.

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