Large jewelry brand Tiffany and Co threatens small business woman Tiffany Parmar driving Cotswold Lashes from Tiffany

BEAUTICIAN Tiffany Parmar is threatened with legal action by the luxury jewelry chain Tiffany & Co about her company name.
The famous brand has objected to the mother of Gloucester, 32, who calls her company Cotswold Lashes of Tiffany.
Facebook Tiffany Parmar says the threat of legal action by Tiffany & Co & # 39; ridiculous & # 39; is. Lawyers for the global brand that has trademark registries for Tiffany and Tiffany & Co. around the world say that the name "can cause confusion" and can bring their brand into "discredit," according to the company's attorneys.
The company has said that it "will take all additional steps it deems necessary to protect its rights".
Mrs. Parmar filed a trademark application in April and called the legal challenge "ridiculous" while the company tried to "bully" a small business.
She has written an open letter to the jewelery giants with the text: & # 39; Shame on you.
The famous shop of Alamy Tiffany & Co on Fifth Avenue, New York CityInstagram In the Tiffany Parmar salon in GloucesterInstagram Lashes of Tiffany was first established in 2014, but now Gloucester's mother is trying to expand the company "I am not interested in competing with you, nor would I have a chance.
"As a very small company, I am so sad to see that you felt it necessary to follow me so aggressively because I tried to do things the right way and to brand my company name.
I bet that even Tiffany and co were on the road as a small company.
"It is a shame that you feel the need to crush people's dreams."
The beautician, who has two children of one and two children, in 2014 & # 39; Lashes by Tiffany & # 39; set up in her home in Coney Hill Road, Gloucester.
She has invested £ 5,000 in plans to expand her business and her new company is called Cotswold Lashes by Tiffany & # 39 ;.
She hopes to sell eyelash glue and trays to other companies and start a beauty training.
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But lawyers from Tiffany and Co. say they "take unfair advantage of our client's registered brands".
Ms. Parmar says she will not withdraw the application and launch a fundraiser to pay legal costs if Tiffany and Co. take further action.
She was shocked and very upset & # 39; to receive the warning from Tiffany, she said.
Her grandmother Audrey Davies, 80, had given her £ 600 in April to pay her trademark application and she did not want to disappoint her by giving up, she said.
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