"Laughter is a natural reaction": what has been written about Petrov and Boshirov in the West

Representatives of the British Prime Minister's office said that the Russians' interview with Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Bashirov contained 'lies and brutal fabrications', as well as' insulting the thinking public'.


The British edition of The Independent notes that a skeptical response to the statement was easy to predict. "Laughter is good, and if you want to laugh, you always have to laugh." In the era of wrong news, lies and misinformation, when such a thing happens, laughter is an absolutely normal reaction ", writes the columnist in the newspaper.

As noted by Sky News, in the British twitter after an interview with Petrov and Boshirov in the trend came the request for the words "Russian" and "Salisbury."

Users of the British internet segment laughed that the suspect of poisoning the ex-agent of the Russian GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter made their wish known to "visit this beautiful city", in which "the famous Solbertsky Cathedral is worldwide".

"Of course these Russians are just tourists, everyone knows that there are two top attractions in Salisbury: 1. Cathedral, 2. The famous door handle in the House of Violin," – wrote the British actor David Schneider.

The interview was also answered by members of the British parliament from Salisbury, who celebrated the famous sights.

"It is nice that Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov can see the world-class attractions Salisbury has to offer, but it is very strange to do this whole road in just two days by carrying the" Beginner "in the baggage.

Salisbury is happy to see tourists from all over the world and is very open to business. But the Petrov and Boshirov allegations are not reliable and do not match the information we have about them, "wrote a British MP from Salisbury John Glen.

The Washington Post called the interview "weird" and wrote that it contains more questions than answers – "about sexual orientation, strange views and their reflections on the weather in the city of Salisbury in March of this year."

Observers from the vice magazine doubt whether the persons interviewed were those who were caught on the surveillance camera, pointing out the great similarity between them & # 39; In addition, the authors of the article again point to the relationship of Russian government structures with the Salisbury incident, although Moscow consistently rejects such allegations, and also demands that evidence be provided by London – however, there is no answer to Russian proposals from the UK.

"Perhaps these two Russian men are innocent tourists who just study architecture and hate snow and are in the same place as two other people who tried to kill the former Russian spy.

But this is what: in fact it does not matter whether you believe in this story or not. The only thing that counts is that there is now quite some doubt about what the Russian government can use to distract people from trying to find out what the truth is,

– writes the magazine.

At the same time, commentator James Bell of CNN, commenting on the interview, said that Russia has "passed more propaganda" than the United States. The author writes that although at first glance the interview seems "ridiculous", Russia, he said, plays a more subtle game.

According to the analyst, who gives both Russians the opportunity to speak on TV, the Kremlin is trying to sow a sufficient number of doubts … to convince those who sympathize with Russia, or those who suspect their own government – that the official history of the poisoning of Skripal is not true. "

At the same time, in spite of the dramatic nature of the situation, a type of advertisement that received the Cathedral in Salisbury was already used in the Cathedral itself: "The steeple of Salisbury Cathedral is the highest in the UK and reaches an impressive height of 123 m. It is no wonder that it can be seen a few kilometers away and that it forms an important part of the surrounding landscape, "- so inscriptions appeared in the official tweet of the cathedral.