Lost memory: new details about rape by the police in Ufa were revealed. photo

The 23-year-old interrogator, who was raped by colleagues in Ufa (Russian Federation) on the night of October 31, used whiskey for the incident, after which she lost her memory.

Report about "KP Crimea".

According to the paper, the reason for the noisy drunkenness was the impending emergence of Eduard Matveyev. His former chief, Artur Akhmetkhanov, became Acting Deputy Prime Minister of Bashkiria. He reportedly entered into the big politics with him and the head of the UAF ROVD.

"October 29th was the centenary of the Komsomol.This feast day was decided to celebrate [Павел] Yarchuk, Matveyev and [Салават] Galiev. And when they drank, they wanted a women's company ", – said a source in the investigation.

It is noted that it was Matveyev who insisted that women join their meetings. He called the principal investigator and urged her to go with her colleague to the company of their men. Employees were sent an official car.

"She (the victim, – ed.) Does not deny that she drank that night … The men packed up vodka and the girls were poured in with a lot of whiskey." At one point she lost her memory … ", – told relatives raped.

A source in the study added that the fact of gang rape has been established. According to the results of DNA research, traces of the biomaterial of Yaromchuk were found. Also on the body of the girl there are multiple wounds and abrasions.


Hurt with her father



Think of the father of a raped 23-year-old policeman turned out to be Colonel Irek Sagitov, Deputy Head of the Rosgvardia Department in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

author:Irina Kaplun