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Since 2015, the number of deportations to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria has increased 14-fold. These countries are not yet regarded as safe countries of origin.

According to a newspaper report, the number of deportations to the Maghreb states has increased by around 35 per cent in the past year compared to 2017. After Tunisia 369 people were deported (2017: 251), to Algeria 678 (2017: 504) and to Morocco 826 (2017: 634), as the Rheinische Post citing the Federal Ministry of the Interior reported. In total, 1873 people were deported to the three North African states last year (2017: 1389). Compared to 2015 (135 deportations), the number has increased almost fourteen times.

Refugee and Migration Policy The SPD must stop Seehofer

The SPD has to stop Seehofer

Seehofer proposes drastic measures to deport rejected asylum seekers. If the SPD lets the law pass, it can wrap up.Comment by Constanze von Bullion

Last week, the Federal Council postponed indefinitely the decision on the classification of the three Maghreb countries and Georgia as "safe countries of origin" for asylum seekers. As such, states are categorized as suspecting that there is usually no political persecution, inhuman or degrading punishment or treatment. This should enable faster asylum decisions and deportations.

The Bundestag had already approved the law. However, it also requires the approval of the Landkammer in order to enter into force. This failed because of the resistance of countries with green and left government participation.

Significant increases in deportations are reported by the Ministry of Interior from 2017 to 2018 including Russia (from 184 to 422), Armenia (from 184 to 346), Afghanistan (from 121 to 284), India (from 32 to 212) , Gambia (from 31 to 144) and Ghana (from 84 to 210), as the newspaper further reported.

Former Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) had talks with the North African Maghreb states in the spring of 2016 to facilitate deportations. Among other things, this involved the rapid identification and procurement of the necessary documents for those leaving the country.

Refugees Swede Elin Ersson fined


Protest against deportation

Swede Elin Ersson fined

The young woman had prevented the deportation of an Afghani in the summer by refusing to take a seat on the plane. That was a crime, the court said.


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