Male fertility is & # 39; at its best in spring and autumn & # 39; with 117m sperm per mililiter

MALE Fertility is at its best in spring and autumn, says a study.
Earlier in the year, more sperm are mobile, while in the autumn more sperm cells are normally formed.
Alamy Spring is the season in which men are most fertile with 117 million moving semen per mililoog. Researchers believe that the combination of cooler weather, longer daylight hours and men who remain fit in these seasons are crucial.
Dr. Taraneh Nazem of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, said: "Maybe autumn and spring are a bit more balanced – the temperatures are mild and people are physically more active than in the winter.
"They can still eat healthy from the summer.
"Further research is needed to know how these findings affect pregnancy rates, something to be reckoned with."
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The team looked at samples from 29,000 men over the age of 17 and noted in which months they had been admitted.
They discovered an average of 117 million moving semen per milliliter in the spring, which drops to 112 million in the summer.
The research was presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Denver, USA.
Women who use unregulated websites to sperm donors & # 39; harassed and sent photos of miscarriages & # 39; to find

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