Mama causes discussion after asking about & # 39; sticky & # 39; baby names ... but do you think something is wrong with them?

A MUM has started a discussion after asking for advice about & # 39; sticky & # 39; baby names she likes.
The woman went to Mumsnet to ask if it is a bad idea to connect all the names of her children, so that they follow a certain theme.
Mumsnet A woman went to Mumsnet to ask for advice about calling children with names that were related to each other. She did the forum, sought the advice of other mothers and wrote: "Just curiosity really, my DC [darling children] both start with e.
"I went to school with children who started with v, Vincent and his trio's sisters, Verity, Valerie and Veronica.
"A friend has children with gemstone themes." Girls are ruby ​​and pearl, boys are Lennox and topaz.
"A woman who fitted to my neighbors' children a few years ago was called a storm and she called her daughter Cat and son Rhyno!"
Getty – Contributor Would you like to link the names of your children, by letter or by meaning? The idea of ​​using the names of children, by letter or by meaning, was not popular with some mothers.
One wrote: "A very obvious theme is tasteless.
"Names starting with the same letter are fine if it is two and it does not look like the names have only been chosen to match, for example Chloe Khloe games. & # 39;
And one said: "I think a theme is pretty boring, especially when you call a guy Topaz, just to match the theme. & # 39;
Mumsnet mothers were quick to get involved in the debate and another mother said, "I really hate the names that start with the same letter.
"It was bad enough that my mother and my brother did, but after I had three boys, all of whom are Mr. J Smith, is just crazy.
"I also find it a bit stifling."
But some people thought it was a cute idea and a nice family tradition.
One woman shared: "I feel it depends on the theme, I do not mind the same initials, but maybe limited to 2 children."
Meanwhile, a mother said, "I know an Indigo, oh, the pleasure you could combine with other names! You could have a whole rainbow!"
So what do you think? Tasteless or sweet?
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