Man and eight-year-old stepson injured in shooting

Man and eight-year-old stepson injured in shooting

An investigation started after a man and an eight-year-old boy were injured during a shooting outside a party in Bilston.

Officers were summoned for an incident in the Bilston & District Labor Club on Wellington Road, just after 23:00 on Friday, September 14, after reports that a shotgun had been fired.

It is assumed that the 30-year-old man had been at a teen's birthday party when the problems started outside.

The victim was shot in his coffin when he went outside to investigate the disturbance. His eight-year-old stepson was hit in the arm by a shotgun pellet.

Both were taken to the hospital and are expected to be discharged later today.

Detective Sergeant Chris Jones says:

We are still trying to determine the motive for the shooting, but at the moment we do not believe that the man or his stepson were the intended targets.

Fortunately, they have escaped serious injuries, but the person or persons responsible for this are clearly dangerous and want to use reckless violence.

There were many people at the party and we have already spoken to a number of them. I urge everyone we have not yet contacted to contact us at the earliest possible stage.

– Detective Sergeant Chris Jones, West Midlands Police

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CCTV is being investigated and officers have searched the club during the night.