Man confesses manslaughter to the sixfold mother

Koblenz (dpa) – A 44-year-old in Koblenz has known about his lawyer the murder of a six-fold mother. "He regrets the act," said defender Cem Ilhan at the start of a court case. The act was not planned. The defendant does not comment on the motive.

Prosecutor Matthias Saal had blamed the German in the manslaughter process, "killed his ex-wife in their apartment in Koblenz in August 2018 without being a murderer" – with ten sutures with a knife with a blade length of 21.5 centimeters. The woman was immediately dead. Police officers arrested their former husband on the spot. He had 0.68 per thousand alcohol in the blood.

The attorney general of Koblenz, Rolf Wissen, had told the German press agency on Monday that the defendant had once been denied custody of their five children. He has also had a contact ban with his ex-wife twice in recent years. The defendant had also distributed nude photo's of her and therefore had to pay 60 days because he had not paid a fine.

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