Man crashes after fire in house Rüsselsheim and dies

eIn 39-year-olds in Rüsselsheim reportedly jumped and died for fear of a fire from the third floor of a house. A nine-year-old girl was admitted to hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said Thursday night. His mother and the police, six and three-year-old brothers and sisters were slightly injured.

The investigation into the cause of the fire continues. "The house is currently uninhabitable," said a police spokesman on Friday. According to the police, the nine-year-old is still being treated for medical treatment.

Cause of fire still unclear

On the first floor of the apartment complex on Berliner Strasse, according to the police, a fire broke out in an apartment in the evening. According to information, the mother and children live there. First it was said that the fire had arisen on the second floor.

When the emergency services arrived, the 39-year-old was found lifeless in the home. Despite resuscitation attempts, he died. After the first investigation, he probably jumped for the smoke from a flat on the third floor. The criminal police started the investigation. The cause of the fire was still unclear.

As the "Main-Spitze" reported online, numerous spectators had gathered after the outbreak of the fire, and that is why the police then closed the area widespread. Some people, however, have repeatedly succeeded in penetrating the confined space and filming there with their mobile phone. A spokesperson for the police did not initially confirm this.


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