March of the Blind mourns "Martyr Saber" and threatens to escalate from Rabat

Hundreds of blind people from different cities in Morocco protested against the protest march in Mohammed V Street in Rabat, demanding that the government respond to their demands, threaten to escalate and leave the country if there is no reaction to their protest movement.

The march, which was imposed by the National Coordination Committee for blind and partially sighted persons with certificates, was launched in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development in the direction of the Parliament House, after the tragic death of Saber Halawi, Minister Basima Al-Hakawi. "

The demonstrators stood in front of the parliament building, led slogans condemning the murder of the blind crippled Saber Halawi and demanded "the resignation of Minister Al-Hakawi and opening an immediate and serious investigation into the circumstances of the tragedy and ensuring respect for the rights of the victim and his family. " They condemn what lies within the Ministry of Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development, "The Minister has not reassured herself about the health situation of the blind people who are on the roof of her ministry, and still pursues the deaf man's politics after all. to uplift and to disprove their demands, "according to their expressions.

The blind throats of the march reverberated slogans of solidarity, condemnation and demand, such as "a greeting for the crippled crippled" and "no god except God, martyr Habib Allah" and "please be faithful to us, destroy us and overwhelm us." "And" the people want to overthrow Basima "and" is one word .. this country is corrupt. "

The blind crippled, who had set fire to the demonstrators for more than 13 days, belonged to 30 of his comrades on the roof of the building of the Ministry of Culture in the Agdal district in the heart of Rabat, while protesters demanded the truth to reveal his death with responsibilities.

A large deployment of uniformed police and some auxiliary troops, following the angry demonstrators, was observed until the march ended on Saturday evening in front of the parliament building on Mohamed V street.

Aziza al-Buhaiaoui, a member of the National Coordination for the blind and visually impaired and disabled, who has the diploma, said in a statement to the Egyptian newspaper Hasbres: "Minister Al-Hakkawi is responsible for the death of the blind invalider." She called for the removal of custody of the blind and the inclusion of their affairs in the relevant government sectors, conditional for all disabled blind people and their willingness to support all peaceful forms of protest.

The same spokeswoman called on the "Ottoman government" to integrate the blind, who were exceptionally handicapped in the public service, responsible for the death of Saber, as well as for the state and the prime minister, who said "have not moved a finger and to marginalize the demands of blind people ".

"The government is called upon to act quickly to save the blind, who demand only their constitutional and legitimate right to public office," said Yasin Benslima, a member of the same coordination committee, and called for "the lifting of custody of the blind." and incorporate their business within the government sectors. "

The demonstrator himself expressed his anger at what he called "the government, especially the Ministry of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development, evaded the response to the demands of the blind, despite dialogue rounds that yielded nothing but repression and denial of the right to a decent life. "