Marie, forgetful, asks for her identity

Unconsciously found in a street in Perpignan in February 2018, a septuagenarian does not remember anything, not even his real name.

A mischievous, gray-haired woman with a grin poses on a black and white photo. The septuagenaar tries to find his identity through a call to testimony. Unconsciously found, littered with bruises in a street near Perpignan station last February, she suffers from a loss of memory which makes him forget everything until his identity reveals France Bleu Roussillon.

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When she woke up on first aid, she could not even remember her name. "I ended up with the following problem: who am I? I was in a kind of fog," she tells France Bleu. She decided to rename Marie Bonheur and do everything to find out who she is.

After an unsuccessful police investigation – no mention of missing persons – she made a call to witness, forwarded by the radio: "I am like a lost dog without a collar", says someone who now lives in a medical department: "I do not have to I am not ill I do not use medication I am in excellent condition Marie Bonheur tries to keep hope: "" There are probably people who know me ". Although she is still very worried: "I have experienced something traumatic and had to put up barriers, I am afraid of falling back on the images of what I have suffered, and I wonder if it is possible to resume my life. Will I come there? "she says.

Especially because without identity, Marie can not assert any right, explains Xavière Lethuillier, legal representative for the protection of the majors, also quoted by the radio: «« Marie has no social cover, she needs her glasses again, she can not. Nor does she have access to legal assistance. She has no money. The pleasure of a coffee or a bar of chocolate is when you want to offer it! "

People who think they recognize Marie can call the security unit for adults on 06 38 13 77 37 or send an e-mail to