Marktkirche in Hannover: The fly window

Marktkirche in Hannover: The fly window

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder wants to give the Marktkirche in Hanover a new window.
 The window was designed by Schröder's good friend, the artist Markus Lüpertz.
 Actually, the approximately 13 meter high Lüpertz window should have been installed these days – but there is still this annoying thing with the stepson of the architect Dieter Oesterlen.



    It's annoying to enjoy a bit, and then something like that gets in the way. Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder wants to give the market church in Hanover a new window that his friend Markus Lüpertz has designed. Lüpertz is not anyone. He is one of the best-known contemporary German artists and was for many years the rector of the Düsseldorf Art Academy. The Munich House of Art is planning a large Lüpertz show for 2019. You could say it like this: If Lüpertz and Schröder show up with a present, you can not just say "no". That would be madness.


    The parish council and the pastor of the Marktkirche were equally impressed by the gift. Schröder, 74, is honorary citizen of his hometown Hanover and also with the meanwhile fifth wife continues to be Protestant. Actually, the approximately 13-meter-high Lüpertz window should have been installed these days – it had calculated in the Marktkirche so the Reformation on October 31st. In the south side of the church building, which dates back to the 14th century and was severely damaged during the Second World War, it would have been wonderful if it had gone alone to Schröder, Lüpertz and the parish council. Lüpertz says that for him "the church is a way of believing". And faith is important, "otherwise life will be purely materialistic" and "determined only by mistrust".

Faith, fly, hope
                Former Chancellor Schröder donates a window of his friend Markus Lüpertz to the Hannover Marktkirche. On the window a white-clad figure is to be seen – and several flies.
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But there is still this annoying thing with the stepson of the architect Dieter Oesterlen (1911 – 1994). According to Oesterlen's plans, the Marktkirche had been rebuilt after the war. His step-son Georg Bissen, a lawyer with a focus on "Banking and Finance" registered in Japan, has inherited the copyrights to the structural design of the Marktkirche – and vetoed the window. Oh yes, the heirs.


    Via Mail explains to Bissen that he is concerned with nothing else than the "sacral atmosphere" of the church. In his written estate, his stepfather has defined his guiding principle of the "great simplicity and unity of space". Lüpertz, on the other hand, intends to "change this atmosphere". And with a very colorful window, on which huge flies of flies can be seen. Flesh flies?


    In conversation with the Süddeutsche Zeitung Markus Lüpertz calls his flies "ornamental, exciting and exciting". He tells of the legend, according to which Martin Luther threw at him an annoying, almost devilish fly with a full inkwell at the Wartburg. "You can still see the ink stain on the Wartburg today, it's always being renewed," enthuses Lüpertz. In addition, the devil is referred to in religion as "Lord of the flies". So what is there against his design, which is being implemented by a Hessian glass factory these days and could decorate the Marktkirche at the latest at the beginning of next year? In any case, he has already had many conversations with the parish, says Lüpertz. "I'm 77, and of course that's a bit of a hassle, but I'm a controversial artist, and you have to go to the people and talk to them and convince them." And: "It's not necessarily that the people, Hallelujah" scream when they hear my name, but that does not make me bitter either, that's just the way it is. "


    The 100,000 euros should come solely from lecture fees


    In any case, one or the other suspect in the parish should have calmed down that Lüpertz, in addition to the flies of flesh, had also co-founded the reformer himself in his window design. "The Luther figure below is at least five meters high, and none of the flies reach these dimensions," explains the father of five children converted to a Catholic church as a young man. A few years ago Lüpertz became known outside of the art scene through a battle with an opponent of his Aphrodite sculpture, which was physically staged in front of the Augsburg city hall.


    In any case, the 100,000 euros which the former chancellor wants to make jump for production and installation should stem solely from lecture fees, it is assured. Is it money from Russia? "I beg you," moans Lüpertz, who was currently staying at the Berlin Hotel Adlon under Schröder's wedding guests. "What should I answer to that?" Even Schröder's office owes an answer.


    Lüpertz has already designed many stained-glass windows. For the pretty village church in Landsberg-Gütz for example or the cathedral of Nevers (central France). Also for the Marienkirche in Lippstadt. Some designs have been implemented. In Cologne Cathedral, however, his colleague Gerhard Richter came on the train in 2007, which, as Lüpertz somewhat hateful, just glued colored plates "with a glue on the glass panes and thus leases the modern age." By the way: The guarantee for this glue is 25 years. " Not much for a church. In the art scene, says Lüpertz, Richter is still considered "the progressive modern", while he is seen as an "old-fashioned lead glass". No one understands.


    The perception of visual art has "degenerated into an event"


    The fly window is important to him anyway. For this he wants to go to court if necessary. The parish council is also considering legal action, according to Pastor Hanna Kreisel-Liebermann. "But still we rely on dialogue." The stepson of the architect, however, no longer discusses. The Lüpertz draft, says Georg Bissen, collides "consciously" with the "creative" basic idea. Is he also worried about money? "I have heard many insults in this matter," he complains. "Also from Mr. Lüpertz, that he now thinks that I am about money, is now completely beside the matter and perhaps reflects his world of thoughts.I will – if the church wants to have a lawsuit – costs for appraisals and legal proceedings on its own Paying Bag to Keep My Stepfather's Work. "


    In any case, the very passionate Lüpertz sees himself only confirmed by the affair in his view that he is living in a world "that is interlinked with politics and education". Everyone just watch out for the other to say the right thing. "A kind of inquisition." Since fit it only too well, "that now the step-son of a long-dead church architect wants to prevent my stained glass window." In addition, Lüpertz complains, the perception of visual arts has "degenerated into an event". You just have to go to the Louvre and stand in front of the Mona Lisa: "A mediocre picture People are flocking on a daily basis because it's a legend." In the end, most probably did not understand the art, but ticked off a devotionalism . " So for him, the artist, only faith remains.


    Otherwise life would be pretty pointless. As meaningless as a flying life.

"I want you to love me"
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