Marseille: school children in a kindergarten without heating

Jacket, hat and scarf, inside and out. In the morning an icy temperature welcomes the young students of the La Batarelle kindergarten in the 13th district of Marseille. There is no heating.

10 ° in the classroom

It is less than 10 degrees in the classrooms, dormitories, even in the canteen. And it takes since the galette des Rois.

It is very cold in the classroom, I'm afraid he will get sick

"I have not said it since the 10 days it takes," said a young mother of a student, he was exceptional today when he stayed with me, it is very cold in the lessons, I'm afraid he gets sick. "

Ecole de la Batarelle private heating
Speakers: parents of pupils
A report by: Marie Agnès Peleran Xavier Schuffenecker

Many parents preferred to keep their little ones warm. In cause, a defective pump. "If they tell us after the holiday that the room has not yet arrived, you have to find it on foot", another mother jokes.

I do not ask myself any more questions about the state of the school, the work that is not done

"It's been three years since my greatness at school, so I do not ask myself any more questions about the state of the school, the work that is not done, the shutters that have not changed, to … Recently I saw them change curtains, I said to myself: "It's good, they do everything upside down, they change the curtains before they take over the walls and paint."

Auxiliary convectors

As a solution, the town hall has installed additional radiators. "They can not walk all day because it is dangerous," says the mother, annoyed by the slowness of the services of the city, "they are small convectors, they had to put three of them in a classroom to make it just warm because only 30% of the students are present, they group them in a single class so that it makes the human warmth ".

The parents of students claim to have sent e-mails to the town hall without receiving an answer. They will probably have to wait until the start of the school year to find out if they have been heard this time.

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