Matteo Salvini is "ready" to renounce Emmanuel Macron for "ramener" the terrorists claimed for Italy

Matteo Salvini is said to be "ready to go to Paris" to sneeze in Italy the "terrorists" on horseback. – Alberto PIZZOLI / AFP

«If you are ready to go to Paris to renounce Macron, pour ramener en Italie ces assassins», I will quote Matteo Salvini, the strong man of the Italian government, who is also the chef of extrême droite file .

Italy annoncé samedi recounted 30 people condemned for terrorism in the outer country and did not know what he was feeling free at justice to purger his prison comb in Italy, as the ex-militant extrême gauche Cesare Battisti I incarcerated Monday after 37 years of horseback.

Fourteen will be located in France

The Italian Minister of Interior, Matteo Salvini, said he was ready to renounce the French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris in the subject of Italy seeking terrorism from the "lead-year", escaping from the past decades abroad , noticeably in France.

«Trente terroristas en fuite, 27 de gauche et trois de droite: the names are in the bureau du ministre de l'Intérieur Matteo Salvini», annoncé le ministère de l'Intérieur sans citer de noms but précisant that 14 will be located in France.

But the Italian press has published the complete list of people condemned for crimes commis in Italy pendant the bleeding «episodes of lead» I dont take it off today in France.

France, a «port sûr»

Innerweight enthusiasts where they are part of the Brigades rouge (BR), the organization of extrême gauche who commits numerous attempts and killed you, notably the enlivement et le murtre, in 1978, of the former chef du gouvernement Aldo I die.

"Since the 1980s and early 1980s, France has been a port for the terrorists of all over the nationalities after crimes" idéologiques "commis dans leurs pays respectives, notable note to the Mitterrand doctrine, écrit Le Corriere della Sera who has spread the list of thirty people who have been recherch for terrorism, with some photos.

Le président français François Mitterrand went straight to the ground where there was no Italian left for terrorism if he resigned to the armed wing. The "Mitterrand doctrine" has been remissed on behalf of France under the pressure of Jacques Chirac. Speak the names, most notably Marina Petrella, 64 years old, a former member of the condemned prisoner who lives in France and France according to the political asylum.

Alive also in France, selon le Corriere della Sera, Giovanni Alimonte, Enrico Villburg, Roberta Cappelli, Sergio Tornaghi, Enzo Calvitti, Maurizio Di Marzio, all the old members from BR. Other people living in Nicaragua (Alessio Casimirri), in Switzerland (Alvaro Lojacono) or in Argentina (Leonardo Bertulazzi).

The Italian ministry of the Interior at a precise time will be told that the government was "ready to give them office to demander collaboration aux pays hébergage des terroristes, to commence by Paris."

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