Messages of support, solidarity and struggle for humanity

Philippe Marlière Political scientist

"I've never been a member of the PCF, yet humanity it has always been my diary. My life as a militant has accompanied me. It is not my only daily reading, but it is an important reference point. It does not matter what I think Huma on many topics: social struggles, economics, culture. A long-standing communist tradition, this newspaper pays special attention to the international situation. Remaining faithful to the internationalist ideals of the First International, Huma it often sticks out from the good side in this area. This is no longer evident today as part of the left seems increasingly tempted by a national withdrawal tinged with populism. When Jean Jaurès founded the newspaper on April 18, 1904, he wanted to create a press organ that was in constant communication with the labor, trade union and cooperative movement. the Huma has accomplished this essential task with constancy. In recent years, the newspaper has remained close to the PCF but, in the spirit of Jaurès, opens its pages to the left in all its expressions. We find this desire to unite and exchange on the left the annual Feast of Humanity, which has existed since 1930. It is the largest, most beautiful and most interesting manifestation of the French left. when L & # 39; Unity, the communist newspaper founded by Antonio Gramsci, closed for the first time in 2000, the Italian left has lost an essential voice. It has never recovered. The newspaper has reappeared several times in a more and more watered down form (following in this the political and intellectual decline of the Italian left). This great newspaper has disappeared today. Even the Italian is gone. The two things are connected: the French left needs a critical and friendly voice that carries its ideals, otherwise it risks disappearing. "

Éric Vuillard Writer

"Man is a sign, it is this sign that deciphers Columbus looking at the first Tainos, of which he writes that I am "Face very attractive". This immediate reading bases what is now called humanity. However, it took more than a snapshot of the meeting to learn it; it took Valladolid controversy to theoretically condemn the slavery of the Indians, and wait until the end of the nineteenth century to stop the slave trade. The man was therefore a sign that took centuries to decipher. Humanity is one of the most beautiful names of this decipherment. It says two things, universal and equality. He tells them together, as consequences one of the other. This activity is not complete. We have not yet fully measured. The card bearing this name is one of the active craftsmen of this long work, which is the essential task of our history, to deepen the promise of equality. One could even say that, fundamentally, there is no one else, not a single important task that is not connected to it. Finally, Jean Jaurès, the founder, has the singular fact of being one of the few intellectuals who holds most of what he knows of a group of workers. As a true democrat, Jaurès listens, watches and, unlike many of his contemporaries, knows the children capable of teaching him something, he thinks that others know a little bit of what they do, that the workers do not experience they are useless in terms of knowledge. Learn from them that the rulers give the dominion a ruthless struggle to preserve their privileges, make them the heart of his politics. This way of learning from those who are generally known to know less than you is not trivial. On the newspaper L & # 39; humanity, a memory dominates the others, that of these copies during the Algerian war, these lacunars, these titles with deleted texts, these missing lines, these paragraphs whitened by censorship. We measure the trust that can be accorded to a newspaper for this, that truth covers, prevents, appears lacking. With gratitude and emotion, I support the newspaper L & # 39; humanity. "

Yannis Youlountas writer and director

"Courage, Huma, faithful support of my films and always present in my cases against the far right: it is my turn to express my solidarity and an invitation to defend your existence and your independence. I, the libertarian, need your daily word, which transmits that of many of my companions in the diversity of the social movement. As anger increases, in France and elsewhere, we need you to avoid benefiting from hate merchants and amplifying our struggles for social emancipation. Wait up the Huma, tBe good "

Michel Pigenet Professor Emeritus of Contemporary History, Paris-I Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Center for the Social History of the Contemporary Worlds (UMR 8058)

"Dear friends,

It's inside Huma, in fact in Huma Sunday, I learned, at the end of childhood, the origin and history of May 1st. Everyone, without a doubt, has his memories of Huma. Throughout its decades of existence, the newspaper has gone through the collective and intimate history of millions of people. What justifies is consulted for everything that touches the twentieth century. I can not imagine, however, that it is disappearing from our present and is nothing more than a simple reference for archivists and historians. Its singularity, among today's media, is to be, day after day, the echo of the mobilizations and the forum of critical thoughts. Tough task, to raise the bar of the current challenge, to exclude stunted problems and to erect the defense of Huma as a sign of our common democratic good. With best wishes for success. "

Monica Passos Singer, Brazilian singer-songwriter

"In all the battles against the peoples subjected to the incessant attack of imperialism the newspaper HUMANITY has been in solidarity with our Latin America: denunciation of the political prison of Lula in Brazil, persecution of Rafael Correa, of Ecuador, economic wars produced to weaken the union of our peoples, attacks in Venezuela to destabilize the revolution Bolivarian. HUMANITY he needs all of us to be able to continue his press course not subject to the power of money. It is essential to run to his aid, it is unbearable to see him shrivel! On February 22nd, come all to the solidarity party organized in Montreuil, sign up, do not let this newspaper die that illuminates the French and international media space. The world must change to more truth, peace and social justice. We are waiting! "

Philippe Grosvalet President of the Loire-Atlantique department

"I extend my full support to the team of humanity, who is fighting today for the survival of his diary. It's been over a hundred years since this newspaper appeared. We owe a lot to those who participated in writing it, often to support peace, equality, social justice. For my part, I remember some of the social movements that have marked our country. humanity he wrote the pages of our common history and this must continue today. The end of this independent title would be bad news for the pluralism of ideas in the French media landscape and, of course, bad news for the diversity of the left that is one of the voices, since its foundation by Jaurès. humanity has already overcome several crises in recent years. I hope the wider mobilization will allow it to be the same today. "

Didier Bezace Comedian, Director

"A good courage and feelings of solidarity with all those who fight to make this journal essential for our freedom of citizenship alive."

Rémy Pech President of the Friends of Jean Jaurès in Toulouse

The office of the association has decided to immediately pay 500 euros for the subscription launched by our newspaper and invites its members to participate in the moment of solidarity around our titles: "The humanity today it represents an audible and healthy voice that should not come out. "

The Mrap

The national office of the anti-racist association sent this message to its members: "It concerns Palestine, the Kurdish question, the struggle for peace, the one against all forms of racism, the rights of migrants … the newspaper l Humanity is of all our struggles and today it could disappear, which is why we decided to pass on its appeal campaign to donations. "

Georges Bartoli Photographer

It is through his Facebook page that the photographer sends the link to register online: "It is not necessary that Huma disappears, without any price! I'm not going to ponder you with theories about pluralism, it's not the question anymore. resistance that is in the noblest and most historical sense of the word, and in the modern history of this country there has never been resistance without this newspaper, so if you are not a subscriber, do it. below. "