Michael Scott Moore: "I am especially surprised that I am still alive"

© Chris Pizzello / AP / dpa

Author Michael Scott Moore was kidnapped by pirates in Somalia. His mother fought him free.


ZEITmagazin No. 8/2019

Berlin, 2011. Michael Scott Moore, a German-American author, told me about his plans for a book research Somalia to drive. He was not a war reporter, calm and careful in nature. Then in January 2012, the shock: Michael had been kidnapped in Somalia. The news that got me to his condition in the next two and a half years was sparse. Since there was an international news blackout, his case was kept secret. After his release in September 2014, I hesitated a long time to ask him about his experiences. Now that the 49-year-old has written a book about it
(We will kill you,
Edel-Verlag), I have asked him for a conversation, together with his 79-year-old mother: She fought him free then, he is her only son. The conversation with them took place on two days in Redondo Beach, California, where both are now living.