Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh discusses Tru Wilson's ascent of the depth gauge to win a scholarship when rolling back on September 10, 2018.
Orion Sang, Detroit Free Press

Michigan fans seem to breathe easier. For now.

After a romp from 49-3 against Western Michigan last week, the Wolverines now have an SMU team that enters Michigan Stadium as a 35-point underdog. More of the same? We will find out.

Meanwhile, back to the mail bag.

Do you believe that the offensive lure will expand as our schedule becomes more difficult? – @HJ_TheThird

There are two conversations here with some people. One is not a reality. The second is important.

First, Michigan is not going to run a version of the spread offense. If Jim Harbaugh's plan eventually turns into something in that direction over time, that's fine. But this team will not be distributed exclusively and that is good too. It is not built for that and it should not be forced.