Middle East Conflict: Israel bombs targets in the Gaza Strip

The Air Force has attacked underground buildings of Hamas, the Israeli army informs. The bombing was a reaction to a rocket attack on Israel.

Israeli fighter plane over Gaza city (Stock image)
© Mohammed Saber / dpa

After a rocket attack by militant Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli air force Targets attacked in the coastal area. Fighter jets bombed two underground buildings on Gaza's Hamas on Saturday night, the army said Sunday morning.

Israel The military has responded to the launch of a rocket in his area, they say. The action serves to protect the Israeli civilian population. At first, there were no data on victims.

In November, the conflict between Israel and militant Palestinian organizations in the blocked coastal strip was dangerously escalating. Nearly 500 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel. One man was killed in Israel and seven Israeli counter-attacks killed seven Palestinians. A truce brokered by Egypt had since largely held.

Hamas is classified by Israel, the US and the EU as a terrorist organization. More than ten years ago, Israel imposed a blockade on the coastal area, which is supported by Egypt. In Gaza, around two million people live in difficult conditions. There is a lack of drinking water and electricity, among other things.