Militant Palestinians shoot rockets at Israel | TIME ONLINE

Militant Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have rockets again Israel fired. The Israeli military reported two floors. A total of nine rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip on Israel since Thursday evening, said an army spokesman in Tel Aviv. One of them was taken in the Gaza Strip itself.

On the night of Friday, the Israeli Air Force attacked numerous targets in the Gaza Strip. According to information from the army, around 100 targets were shot at in the entire coastal strip. At first, there were no reports of injuries. The area is controlled by the radical Islamic Hamas, there
but also other groups can fall back on a rocket arsenal.
Israel's military had blamed Hamas for the attacks. For the first time rockets were launched into the metropolitan area Tel Aviv been fired.

According to media reports, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Chuldai has the opening
 arranged by public shelters in the city. Head of government
and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held an emergency meeting in the face of the new attacks
Military headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Since the beginning of the month Palestinians have fired rockets on the Israeli border area on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip several times. Israel's air force then bombarded targets in the coastal strip on the Mediterranean. A cease-fire negotiated by Egypt at the end of last year between Israel and Gaza-ruling Hamas has become increasingly fragile.

On April 9, a new parliament will be elected in Israel. Political rivals accuse the head of government Benjamin Netanyahu, he was not determined enough against Hamas. Hamas is said by Israel, the US and the European Union as
Classified terrorist organization. The Gaza Strip is home to around two million
 People in difficult conditions. It lacks, among other things
Drinking water and electricity.


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