Minister of the Environment seeks insect protection law | TIME ONLINE

Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) wants a Germany-wide insect protection law. The project is part of an "insect repellent action program", which went into the vote between the ministries on Friday and about which the Picture on Sunday first reported. With this the federal government wants the insects dying counteract. "We humans need the insects.
 They deserve protection through their own law, "Schulze told the paper:" This not only protects stag beetles and earth bumblebees,
but especially ourselves. "

The planned law should set binding standards, for example in nature conservation law, in plant protection law, in fertilizer law or in water law, the minister said. In addition, she wants to promote research on insect repellent in Germany and Europe with an additional 100 million euros per year. In addition, it should set clear guidelines for a "environmentally and environmentally friendly
Application of pesticides and significant reduction of the entry of
Pesticides and other pollutants in insect habitats "

Above all, the program has to be coordinated with the agriculture ministry led by the CDU. The report
the Picture on Sunday According to Schulze, the "Action Program" will be sent to the Cabinet in April

Every third species is dying out

About 70 percent of the species living in Germany are insects. An up-to-date overview study published in the Journal Biological conservation (Sánchez-Bayo / Wyckhuys, 2019)
 will appear, showing that one third of species worldwide are threatened with extinction. When
The authors of the study identified the biggest drivers of insect killing as the loss of
 Habitat through intensive agriculture as well as the increasing
Urbanization. Chemical pollutants like pesticides and synthetic
Fertilizers, imported species from other regions and climate change are the causes

Last week in Bavaria, the registration period for the referendum "Save the bees" expired. With around 1.75 million supporters, the popular petition was the most successful in the history of the Free State. The signatories demand, among other things, that the use
 of pesticides in Bavaria is reduced and created significantly more flowering meadows.