Ministry of the Interior names conditions for withdrawal of IS fighters | TIME ONLINE

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany can only resume German IS fighters under certain conditions. "In principle, all German citizens and so those who are suspected of having fought for the so-called IS, the right to return," said a spokeswoman for the Ministry. A condition for the return was a consular access to the persons concerned.

Germany also respects the prosecution interest of some states in the Middle East against followers of the radical Islamic militia for crimes committed there, said the spokeswoman. US President Donald Trump In particular, it called on the Europeans and including Germany to take back more than 800 IS fighters captured in Syria and bring them to justice.

The ministry pointed out that about the Iraq self-interest, to bring some German IS fighters to justice. "In Syria, on the other hand, the Federal Government is currently unable to take legal and consular responsibilities for the detained German citizens because of armed conflicts," the spokeswoman added. Therefore, the government currently has no leverage to prosecute on Syrian territory. If there is a return, the IS fighters would have to answer to the German criminal justice system.

According to the Ministry of Interior, there is currently "a larger two-digit number" of men, women and children from Germany in the custody of Kurdish forces of the Syrian opposition. According to the security authorities, a good 1,050 persons have been from Germany since 2013 in the direction of the war zone Syria/ Iraq left to join the side of terrorist groups in the "jihad". About one third of these people have already returned to Germany.

German opposition divided on admission of IS fighters

Foreign politicians of the Greens and the Left have expressed understanding for Trump's request. "Of course, the Federal Republic of Germany has responsibility for its citizens, who commit crimes in other countries," wrote the foreign policy spokesman for the left-wing parliamentary group, Stefan Liebich on Twitter. "Despite criticizing Donald Trump, he's just right," he added. The Greens foreign affairs spokesman, Omid Nouripour, agreed with him. One must take them back and hold them accountable, he told the Deutschlandfunk.

The security spokeswoman for the FDP, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, said on the other hand radio ffn: "there is no reason to get IS fighters to Germany." She did not know "what to do with them except to be put in jail".

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