Minute per minute: Andrew Gillum renews his concession of position to the governor of Florida

A closed vote and a manual recount, two things that are not unrelated to the Florida elections, as you will remember who has lived through the traumatic process of 2000 that gave the victory to the Republican George Bush in the state and ultimately in the country about the Democrat Al Gore for a few hundred votes.

The spirit of the year 2000 will be presented again during these mid-term elections with the narrow margins mentioned in the matches of the US Senate and the Governorship of Florida, which have been reduced in the last hours, despite the Republican candidates They have declared the winners.

In the run-up to the seat in the Upper House, on Thursday afternoon, Republican Rick Scott recorded just 17,344 more votes than his rival, the current Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. That is a difference of only 0.2%.

On the other hand, in the match between the candidates for governor, the Republican Ron DeSantis and the democrat Andrew Gillum, the difference was reduced to 38,517 votes, or the equivalent of 0.4% of the votes.

In accordance with Florida law, A number of votes is required when the difference between the two candidates is 0.5% or less. The difference is so small that the count in that dispute could be manual.

Despite the closed margin, Scott delivered a victory speech on Tuesday night and DeSantis did the same after Gillum recognized the defeat. However, these statements can not contradict what is imposed by the law of the state.

The election of the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture will also start counting because the difference registered Thursday afternoon was barely a thousand votes.

The results of unofficial states must be reported to the official election office before an official census can be ordered.


In the case of Georgia, the Democratic candidate for the governor, Stacey Abrams, does not accept that his opponent Brian Kemp declares himself the winner of the elections on Tuesday and warns that it will provide a legal possibility to force the counting of the last expected vote. "Our opponent has stated that he is the winner and we do not accept it", according to representatives of the campaigns. from Abrams in a conference call.

Kemp, who deposited his position of state secretary on Thursday morning, it comes first in the count with 63,000 votes or 50.3% of the total, while Abrams reaches 48.7%.

The Republican has finally resigned, but not because of the recurring complaints of the democratic campaign about his alleged lack of transparency in the administration of the elections, but to start organizing the transition of the state government.

The Democrats believe that there are a few thousand votes that could reduce the Republican party's advantage and put it below 50%, which according to the state law would cause a second round between the two most voted candidates.

"Based on the count by the Secretary of State's office, Brian Kemp's profit margin is so great that the number of preliminary votes and ballots from abroad will not change his victory," said the spokesman for the Republican campaign, Cody Hall.

"It's just mathematically impossible for Stacey Abrams to win or force a second round", confirmed Hall .

Neither the AP agency nor other media have declared a winner in this competition. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not certified the triumph of one of the contenders and indicates that their deadline for this is November 14th.