MP Fayez Barakat greets the closure of 10 channels that broadcast information about jinn and sorcery

MP Fayez Barakat praised the decision of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation to close 10 satellite channels, which broadcast information material about jinn and witchcraft, and to point out that the role of the media is to offer targeted materials because of the formation of public awareness of the mass.

The non-licensed channels, which broadcast material relating to jinn, witchcraft and other matters, are becoming increasingly dangerous to the threat to security and public stability, which is widespread and has more than 10 channels, and more needs to be done to to stop them, the deputy said in a press release on Thursday.

He added that such channels also broadcast advertisements for medical products that have not been approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and it is acting on human disease through the sale of fake medicines to resolve these diseases.

The MP called for more intensive efforts to draw up a list of all channels broadcast from inside and outside Egypt, containing materials that have a negative effect on public awareness, and to call on the competent authorities to take the necessary measures. take to stop the broadcast because of the danger this poses to society.