MPs announce agreement in principle in the budget dispute | TIME ONLINE

Leading US Democrat and Republican negotiators have apparently made progress in their budgetary financing negotiations. A group of MEPs said after a meeting in the evening that there had been in the last weeks budget dispute a "fundamental agreement".

The politicians have therefore agreed on an agreement to finance new barriers on the US border with Mexico. They could prevent another shutdown of the authorities. Three people familiar with the Border Guard Agreement told the AP news agency that the agreement would provide $ 1.375 billion to build new frontier barriers over a 90-kilometer stretch. That's far less than the $ 5.7 billion the White House has asked for building a wall more than 340 kilometers along the Mexican border. The approved money should be used according to the guarantors for steel barriers, not for a solid wall. The barrier would be in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas built.

The Democrats would also have dropped their proposal, the number of immigrants within the United States taken and recorded, to reduce to an average of 16,500 per day. The Republicans were against the demand. Currently, there are no restrictions on arrests.

Furthermore, the negotiators had agreed to finance 40,520 beds for immigrants who come illegally to the US or are illegal there and detained. That's the same number that was funded last year. The Immigration Department (ICE) currently holds an average of about 49,000 immigrants per day. The negotiations on the weekend had not progressed on this topic.

Donald Trump did not want to hear agreement yet

MEPs need the agreement of. Before reaching the deadline on Friday at midnight (local time) Donald Trumpif a new restriction of government operation is to be prevented. If the US president does not agree, hundreds of thousands of federal employees will be sent back to forced leave.

Trump said late in the evening of a campaign appearance in El Paso, Texas, that he had been informed shortly before the event that there was progress in the talks. He did not know what exactly that meant. "I told them I did not want to hear it," Trump said. He had a choice to continue listening or talking to his supporters in Texas, and he chose to appear in Texas. "Maybe there is progress, maybe not," he said.

He reaffirmed his call for the wall on his visit to the Texas border town. "We need the wall and it has to be built and we want to build it quickly," he told supporters in El Paso.


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