National Assembly. The democratic crisis is pushing the majority to review its copy

It seems far from the time when François de Rugy wanted to adopt the reform of the Constitution and the institutions as soon as possible. A year ago, the then president of the National Assembly was very confident in reducing the number of parliamentarians in the country, reducing their right of amendment and further strengthening presidential power. All the lights were green: the first part of the text, which arrived in July 2018 at the Assembly, moved slowly in the summer torpor. The members of the right-wing opposition shouted "taming, decomposition and demolition of the assembly", while the left shouted "technocracy" and "oligarchic drift", nothing seemed to be able to counter the institutional bulldozer of Macronie. Well, the deal Benalla went through this, shattering the government's project.

Macronie can't act like it started

The movement of the yellow jackets profoundly changed the situation and the speeches. Yesterday, the remarks of Richard Ferrand, president of the Assembly for six months, have been largely reduced by those made recently by his predecessor before the Association of Parliamentary Journalists. The one who now occupies the roost no longer explains that it is absolutely necessary to reduce the number of deputies and senators to give more means to the survivors. Without giving it up, however, for the first time, it is allowed to put interest in perspective. "When this argument emerges during the great debates, there is a certain consensus in the room to say that there are too many members. And then, when you ask what he would give in the department, and you say for example that in Finistère, instead of eight deputies, there would be four, there the room is much less favorable. (…) Basically, I feel that there is a consensus for a smaller number of members, except where we live, "said Richard Ferrand, emphasizing the gap that would have widened in the field between elected and citizens.

Knowing that Macronia can no longer behave in the beginning, the President of the Assembly is now calling for the reform of Parliament's Rules "with a constant constitutional right". After abusing national representation by imposing hellish tariffs and making him vote on night laws and weekends, now it seems that time is fulfilled. Therefore, Richard Ferrand proposes that the sessions dedicated to the examination of legal texts be carried out from 9:00 at midnight at the most, without being able to pass this program. As for the parliamentary niches, which allow minorities to impose the agenda of the Assembly once a year, he explains that he wants to create "the obligation to discuss them", "abstaining from the send back". reject the proposed texts as is almost always the case. He also asked that a member of the opposition chair the evaluation and control committee for public policies. When the right to petition the citizens to alert the assembly, Richard Ferrand believes that "it exists but does not work", the files are systematically removed. It therefore suggests that there is "necessarily a debate in commission from a certain threshold".

Finally, the president of the National Assembly wishes to reform the question sessions in the government. Rather than two sessions of an hour, one on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday, he wants to merge them into one of two hours, perhaps on Wednesday. The majority group would see its number of applications assigned divided by two, which would allow assigning more minority groups in addition to establishing a "shared right of reply". After a minister's reply, the member who questioned him could then speak again without being sentenced to silence, before a conclusion left to members of the government. This format would make it possible to "get rid of the imposed figures", so that a "more lively, more democratic and more tonic dialogue and debate will be committed", according to Richard Ferrand, who hopes that the new regulation will be ready by October 2019. Rest if this state of mind will be preserved since then.

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