National Team: The DFB-Elf has forgotten to score goals

Ten goals in eleven international matches – that's the odds of a football dwarf state. Here lies the real problem of the German Elf.

       Comment by Philipp Selldorf



    During the past few months many witty investigations have been made about why the German team had to travel home after the preliminary round at the World Cup. From the grimy T-shirt uniforms of the coaching team to the water pipe of the defender Antonio Rüdiger has not ignored any evidence to get to the bottom of the failure, but peace-producing process evidence barely yielded.


    The real, the true truth has only now come to light, through the much-defeated test match against Peru, in which revealed an essential, possibly the central syndrome of the Germans: The national team had to leave the tournament, because she has forgotten, goals to shoot.

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Loew spoke about opportunities exploitation barely in his self-tearing


    The Germans did not lack scoring chances and goalscoring during the games in Russia, they were almost as numerous as the grim guards in the park of the proscribed team quarters in Watutinki. Even in wretched wrestling with South Korea, there were plenty of opportunities for a few victories, and Mario Gomez – scorer – has been lucky that in view of the huge failure no one has addressed this scene in which he clumsily before Joshua Kimmichs passing and thus missed his professional determination blatantly. This brief, but fateful moment brought Marco Reus to mind in a friendly against Peru, as he struck in a similarly unhappy way a dimensionally accurate filing by Ilkay Gündogan.


    That Marco Reus is undoubtedly a gifted footballer, and his hit rate is impressive: 100 goals in 235 Bundesliga games, ten goals in 35 international matches. Nevertheless, Reus is no scorer, just a dangerous scorer. What you have now seen again, as the national coach as a center forward him a piece misused.


    A coach who explains defeats with missed opportunities sounds like the doctor who identifies heart failure as a cause of death: he sounds banal. Nevertheless, he may only speak the truth that matters, because goals do not only decide games, but also the progress of the sporting success. When he presented his analysis for the failure at the World Cup, the national coach has presented an exemplary sincere self-tearing and excellent technical arguments, but he left the core problem of the blunt attack forces largely unmentioned, possibly this fact came too simple before him.


    However, there is no way around this terribly simple reason for the failure: in the eleven international matches since the end of the World Cup qualifying, the DFB-Elf ten goals – not per game, but in total. The quota of a dwarf state. Any questions?

Löw's thoughtful sounds
                        For the national coach, the test in the Nations League will continue soon. Because the class is currently missing in the German attack, it adapts its claims to the harsh reality.
                    By Philipp Selldorf