NBA 2K: Luckily, Mama did not buy a Nintendo

She almost refused his wish, eight years ago. Jannis Neumann's mother almost said no when she did
14-year-old son begged her for a Playstation 3. She would prefer him
a Nintendo Wii bought this other console thing with the
Motion sensors. At least he would have been physically active while gambling.

The boy, however, remained stubborn, just like a teenager, and
finally Mama gave way. "Luckily," he says in retrospect. Because with a Wii Neumann would hardly become "JLB":
Germany's only e-sports pro in the virtual basketball,

"JLB" stands for "Jannis loves basketball". It is
the shortcut under which Neumann is known in the e-sports community. More accurate
said in the part of the scene that NBA 2K
plays. With more than 80 million units sold worldwide, the
Basketball simulation of the gaming company 2K Sports among the most successful
Video game series ever. "In the US is 2K
as popular as Fifa in Germany, "says Neumann
From April to August, he lived in Dallas and earned $ 32,000
– as Dirk Nowitzki's virtual teammate. Neumann played for Mavs Gaming,
The E-Sports Department of Dallas Mavericks.

Straight away in the top 20

That JLB could live off his hobby was two
Years unthinkable. Not that he had no talent – after he did
got his playstation, he stormed straight into the top 20 of the 2K world ranking. He spent about six hours a day in front of the console in the
advanced ranking in the top region.

The problem was that it was not a professional one at the time
2K scene gave. No big tournaments, no sponsors. Only when the NBA even
Developed interest in the gaming field, created the necessary structures.
In cooperation with Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Sports
the league first public appeal five-on-five tournaments, before
NBA commissioner Adam Silver in the spring of 2017 founding the NBA 2K League
announced: the first official 2K league, powered by its real role model.

Among the largest sports leagues in the world, the NBA is thus a pioneer. There are
no Madden NFL League, no E-Premier League, neither in itself
closed virtual Bundesliga. Not yet. Only the NBA
So far, they have been trying to make the gaming boom their own league
Monetize – taking care to get as close to the original as possible

The teams will, as in real, of the 30 NBA franchises
21 of them currently participate in the 2K League. be wearing
will be the championship – also true to reality – in a regular season with subsequent
Play-offs. And of course, five-on-five is played, with
Each e-athlete controls his own 2K character.