Nearly one hundred undocumented immigrants were arrested in Texas


AUSTIN, TX.- Nearly one hundred undocumented immigrants have been detained in various raids in the Rio Grande Valley area of ​​Texas when they were trying irregularly to cross the border with Mexico, the Border Patrol (CBP) reported today. ).

The Dutch DPA said in a statement that the transit of 'families and unaccompanied minors & # 39; the past weeks & # 39; high & # 39; has been, so they keep active surveillance campaigns.

This morning, officers from the city of Weslaco, in McAllen, Texas, found a group of 31 people from Guatemala and El Salvador.

Last week, at the same frontier, the CBP received 61 immigrants, who according to the letter were mostly 'families and unaccompanied minors of Guatemalan nationality'.

The head of patrol cars in South Texas, Manuel Padilla Jr., posted a message on his Twitter account announcing "three busy days" with the discovery of 4 hidden houses, 24 detainees, a deceased and much more".

The agents of Fort Brown (Texas) arrested a group last Friday that informed them that days before a smuggler had left a badly injured person.

Hours later the Cameron police found the body of a person, details of which have not been published because it is an ongoing investigation, but that coincided with the description of that individual.

Last night, McAllen agents discovered another body on the banks of the Rio Grande, near La Joya, Texas.

Although the Donald Trump government and federal judge Dana Sabraw have reached a preliminary agreement to reconsider hundreds of asylum applications from divorced families, the Latino activists disagree about the end of the humanitarian crisis caused by the "zero tolerance" measures in the border.

The executive director of Border Network Human Rights (BNHR), Fernando Garcia, pointed out that although this & # 39; aggressive & # 39; migration policy is not canceled, with mass raids and the application of criminal charges, it will not put an end to "the problem of separation." family ".

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"Not for a moment I believe that all those children come alone and that they are unaccompanied minors.There is a false story, generated by the same policy that caused this a few months ago," García explained.