Negative symmetry

We are at the gates of independentism, which determines the continuity of everything. After the trial, the arguments that justified a waiting posture had ended. In this context, the configuration in Andalusia of a right wing with a desire to project to state politics has a clearer virtuality. Who is in favor of the return of the law and knows what they will give: Article 155 perpetual.

But what he wanted to respond to is the right of Spanish law and its media speakers to clarify the agreement with Vox. They have opted for the argument of symmetry between Vox and the allied populists with Pedro Sánchez, that is, We can and independence. If Sanchez does that with his radicals, why not married? It is the magic of these fashionable categories that explain nothing, only serve to disqualify reality and continue to ignore it.

Vox is an extreme right-wing party that defends authoritarian, patriarchal, xenophobic and defensive values ​​without incompatibility with liberal democracy. We can declare our Republican, as many citizens claim, it has always defended democracy and is responsible in the institutions. Spanish law is so rational that it does not know how to appreciate the fact that anti-system systems are integrated. Independence is apparently a subversive dimension: it wants to change the state's territorial structure and leave it. And it is only natural that the Spanish institutions should wear their hands and sleeves to avoid it. He who can only scandalize can do it for ingenuity or cynicism. But as Podem has always defended democracy and what it is looking for, is to expand the liberties and not to limit them. It is a movement of broad ideological and safe spectrum that also has a number of minority sectors that would not make them an authoritarian solution to achieve independence. In this regard, trying to find more than two million voters is voluntary ignorance. And to say that what Casado and Rivera do with Vox is equal to what Sánchez does with Iglesias and Torra is pure propaganda to justify the unjustified: give a certificate of admission to the neo-Belgians. The explanation is simpler: they accept them because they belong to the family.