Netherlands: Fresh grapes from Amsterdam

Netherlands: Fresh grapes from Amsterdam

Since the Dutch football in training from the once revered offensive style of play has adopted, he brings back talents.
 A bit of time, says Ajax-Amsterdam coach Erik ten Hag, will still need the national team to return to the top European level.
 The young Frenkie de Jong already reminds some of Frank Rijkaard, others of Johan Cruyff.



    Erik ten Hag was three months old when all chances for a great career as a national player were already destroyed. He was three months old when Ronald de Boer was born in mid-May 1970, and his twin brother Frank ten minutes later. 20 (Frank) and 23 (Ronald) years later, the two were appointed to the Dutch national team, in the positions in which ten Hag was gifted, in central defense (Frank) and in defensive midfield (Ronald). In addition, players such as Frank Rijkaard or Edgar Davids were called in these years. So it was not called: Erik ten Hag.

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