New unveiling of Kavanaugh shows little sign of obstructing his nomination

New unveiling of Kavanaugh shows little sign of obstructing his nomination

And opponents of Kavanaugh said they did not expect the problem to come to the forefront unless the woman agreed to cooperate. Members of both parties said that the situation was complicated by the fact that it would have taken place when all those involved were in high school. By contrast, the accusations against Justice Thomas concerned adult behavior during his time as a supervisor at federal agencies.

But Democrats certainly have problems that they want to investigate further about Judge Kavanaugh. On Thursday they tried to summon people and documents related to events from his White House years that they think he was not fair. The Republicans Commission blocked these efforts on the spot.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut, tried to persuade the committee to seek a testimony from former Republican senate officials who were involved in an attempt to secure thousands of private-democratic documents between computers from judicial committees between 2001 and 2003 – another period of intense partisanership over judicial nominees.

Documents released by the committee showed that Judge Kavanaugh, when a lawyer in the White House involved in nomination cases, exchanged information with Manuel Miranda, an assistant to the Senate who had obtained and distributed part of the information.

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