News Daily: criticized police financing and Barnier & # 39; s Brexit & # 39; optimism & # 39;

News Daily: criticized police financing and Barnier & # 39; s Brexit & # 39; optimism & # 39;

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Policing pressure

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The Whitehall expenditure watchdog has accused the Interior Ministry of having failed to understand the impact of budget cuts on the police – or that the fight officers are faced with effective service provision. The National Court of Audit called the approach "ineffective" and "distant", and said that ministers did not really know whether the system was "financially sustainable".

The NAO found that officers now take an average of four days longer to charge suspects than in recent years – something our domestic business correspondent Dominic Casciani says is the workload rather than increasing crime – and there is less & # 39; proactive work & # 39 ;, like highway stops from dangerous drivers and breath tests. Here Reality Check explains what exactly happened financially.

The Interior Ministry insists that it understands the pressure on police work, and later today Interior Minister Sajid Javid will tell police inspectors that he is doing everything he can to support them. However, the president of their body will tell the same conference that many forces are "on the verge of a crisis".

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Deal & # 39; is executable & # 39;

Theresa May's critics have invented many reasons why her Brexit strategy – the so-called Checkers plan – is doomed to fail. However, the EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has now shown a sense of optimism, saying that agreement on a future UK-EU relationship is possible at the beginning of November if both parties are "realistic". He said that there were "many, many points of convergence" – although he warned that the British proposals for trade relations were a direct challenge to the EU's founding principles.

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