Newspaper of the UAE: Without the support of Iran for the Houthi & # 39; s they would not have any influence on Yemen

The Iranian newspaper Al-Bayan reported that without Iranian military, material and human support for the Houthi militias would have had no effect in Yemen for a long time, but Iran's multifaceted support has always been the artery of evil that feeds the urge to Yemen to sabotage and destroy and expel people. , Who governs the militias who have committed themselves to the agenda of Tehran.

Iran's support for the Al-Houthi militia is no longer a secret, and Tehran no longer denies that support, it is the adviser to the Iranian guide to military industries, Hossein Dehqan, the newspaper said in an editorial on Saturday. Military and in the meantime, Iran tries to speak freely by claiming that there are no Iranian forces in Yemen, as if the world knows nothing about the military weapons of Iran and its extensive militias in different Arab countries.

The newspaper stressed that it was messing with Iran in the region and sending the Houthi militias to bomb Saudi Arabia and to strike civilian ships with missiles sent from Tehran, as well as Iran's threats to international shipping and to complete the completion of the prevent political process in Yemen, all these things and others need a serious need from the international community to put an end to tampering Iran, which has become a serious threat to regional and international peace and security.