NSU 2.0: Are there other right-wing police in Hesse?

Are there only a few extreme right-wing policemen in the Hessian police – or has a network of neo-Nazis organized there? This question has arisen since it became known in December that the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız is being threatened.

She had received a fax in August in which her daughter was threatened with death. Signed it was with "NSU 2.0". The data of Başay-Yıldız mentioned therein were not publicly available. According to media reports, they are said to have been called by a police computer of the 1st district of Frankfurt. The Frankfurt public prosecutor's office therefore already investigates five police officers and a policewoman from this department. They are said to have exchanged right-wing chat messages. The officials are suspended from the service.

Now it has been announced that Başay-Yıldız has again received a threatening letter, with further personal details of her family, re-signed with "NSU 2.0". That reports Southgerman newspaper, According to that, the author (s) wrote to the lawyer who worked in the NSU Trial Representatives of the victims as a co-plaintiff has represented: "You brain-dead shit is obviously not aware of what you've done to our police colleague! However, it is now really thick for you, you turkey!" Their daughter wanted to "tear off her head," write the perpetrators. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung The letter was sent out on December 20 and was previously kept secret for tactical reasons. The public prosecutor's office Frankfurt, which carries out the investigation against the police officers, did not want to comment on the renewed threats.

Data in the registration register blocked

Where does the data from the authors come from? After the first threatening letter was received in August, Başay-Yıldız had her data blocked in the register, she told ZEIT ONLINE in December. Among other things, their residential address can no longer be requested by private individuals from the register of registered immigrants. Loud SZ However, the second letter contained the names of all the family members registered at their address.

So, if a letter appears that does not contain publicly available information about their family, the police officers who are still on duty could actually have retrieved them and written the letter. That would be another indication of a far-right network in the Hessian police, whose members support each other.

But there are also other conceivable processes: data once retrieved could have been split between the two threatening letters, so there is no need for any new access. Or, if Başay-Yıldız's data were retrieved without authorization for the second threat, it could also have happened in another agency, such as a municipal office. The officials there can still access personal information, if they were provided with a so-called alert lock.

The wording chosen by the authors "police colleagues" was at least unusual among police officers, said officials ZEIT ONLINE.


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