Nuclear deal: Iran's foreign minister threatens EU with uranium enrichment

Nuclear deal: Iran's foreign minister threatens EU with uranium enrichment

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Jawad Sarif accuses the European Union of passive behavior after the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement. It is the question of whether Europe submits to the "American dictates", said Sarif the news magazine Der Spiegel. He called on the Confederation to compensate for the impact of US sanctions, especially on oil and banks.
            In his opinion, the EU member states should apply the so-called blocking statute, that is, penalize companies, "if they are in favor of the US sanctions from the Iran business
"Europeans must decide whether they are ready
are to follow their words with deeds. "Iran would react if the" balance between give and take "were destroyed, Sarif said.
Implicitly he threatened with increased uranium enrichment: For this, his country would not necessarily have the nuclear agreement
 denounce it is also possible that you use it reduced. These statements are not new – Iran has repeatedly threatened to increase capacity for the nuclear program since the US opted out of the nuclear deal.
            "No basis for talks" The
 Iranian Foreign Minister participated in direct talks with his country
US President Donald Trump from. "There is no basis for conversation",
said Sarif. Only if the US returned to the nuclear agreement would be
it is possible to think about conversations.
The US had in May
 unilaterally terminated the international nuclear agreement in which Iran
limited the development of its nuclear capabilities verifiable. Although Iran adheres to the agreement, the US has in August
again imposed economic sanctions and threaten worldwide
anyone who does not follow the sanctions. At the beginning of November should one
follow another round, with the US the oil export of the country
want to prevent. The EU, Russia and China are adhering to the agreement
stuck with Tehran.


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