Nutella's biggest plant in the world will reopen on Monday

The manufacture of Nutella pots will be able to resume. – Daina The Lardic / Isopix / SIPA

No shortage of Nutella in sight! The biggest Nutella plant in the world will reopen on Monday, Ferrero France said on Friday. In Villers-Ecalles, in Normandy,
the machines have been stopped since Tuesday. The group indicates that the investigations carried out since Tuesday, "made it possible to affirm that no finished product stored at the factory posed neither health risk nor lack of quality for our consumers". "All doubts are fully lifted. That's why we decided to restart a normal activity in our factory as early as Monday, February 25 in the morning, "says Ferrero France.

No "health problem"

Ferrero had assured that "the results of the investigations would be known by the end of the week" and he "would (allow) to take the necessary corrective measures". Asked a few hours before Ferrero's announcement to restart its factory, the communications department of the French subsidiary of the French-Italian family group said that "the factory [rouvrirait] not today ". When asked if the restart was a matter of days, weeks or months, Ferrero answered "days".

"The supply of our customers continues uninterrupted," Ferrero assured. Asked about the results of the ongoing investigations and whether the problem was bacteriological, the communication service promised to communicate as soon as it knew more. Friday morning the Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume interviewed by CNews said: "Apparently, as I speak, there would be no health problem."

No problem of quality on the shelf

Ferrero announced on Wednesday the "temporary suspension", "as a precaution" of the plant that produces 600,000 pots per day, a quarter of the world's production, the spread consisting of 56.3% sugar and 30, 9% fat. "For now, we can say that no product currently on the market is affected by the situation," the company added.

"On Tuesday 19 February at 6 pm, after reading the results of one of the quality checks at our factory in Villers-Ecalles, we noticed a quality defect in one of the semi-finished products used in the manufacture of our products Nutella and Kinder Bueno ", had detailed Ferrero. "This defect does not correspond to our quality standards, so we made the decision to temporarily suspend the activity of the plant," explained the company.

"We recall once again that all the products on the market have never been affected by this situation. Our consumers can continue to enjoy our products without worry and in peace, "Ferrero said Friday night.