"Only death will stop us" ... Regions leading the mobilization

After three months of mobilization, thousands of "yellow vests" marched Saturday, February 16, 2019 in several cities in France, as here in Bordeaux. – NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP

At least 41,500 protesters in France, including 5,000 in Paris. Figures down from Saturday, February 9. Act 14
"Yellow vests" was relatively calmer than previous rallies that have spun over the past three months. In Paris, short face-to-face meetings with the police staked the day, after which 26 people were arrested. In the regions, this act 14 has been once again marked by tensions and clashes, particularly in Toulouse and
in Bordeaux. The point on the rallies.

In Bordeaux

Bastion of this movement which weakens the government and forced it to launch a great debate, Bordeaux saw its procession of nearly 5,000 people borrow the streets of wealthy neighborhoods where tags always proclaimed in particular "death to the rich". The masks with the effigy of Alexandre Benalla were a great success in the procession, with the traditional signs calling for the resignation of Emmanuel Macron or the RIC.

Protesters held out on the pillars of the Grand Theater a huge banner proclaiming "Castaner the shame of the Republic", while others sang "everyone hates the police". At the end of the route, violence erupted: the police responded with water cannons and tear gas to projectile jets.

The clashes, during which a particular car was burned, ended around 19 hours. According to prefecture of New Aquitaine19 people were arrested during the demonstration, in particular for "throwing projectiles on the police," "contempt" or "possession of offensive material".

In Toulouse

At least 4,000 people, according to a police source, have claimed their determination behind a banner "only death will stop us". In the morning, a few dozen "yellow vests" wishing "a return to the sources of movement" disrupted traffic on the roundabouts of the agglomeration and briefly blocked the entrance to an Amazon depot.

The first clashes began at 16:30 and continued until early evening. Ten people were arrested, according to the prefecture, and two others wounded. A large number of police and gendarmes had been engaged "with all the necessary means to deal with the violence of the most radicalized individuals".
warned the prefecture that lamented, around 20 hours, "some incidents, tags and posters, fire garbage, a barricade and projectile jets in the direction of the police."

On 19 January, at the height of the mobilization in Toulouse, the prefecture had counted 10,000 demonstrators, a national record. Last week, 6,000 protesters marched, the strongest national mobilization. Scuffles between participants and police burst every Saturday at the end of demonstrations, with many degradations in the city center, including banking and real estate agencies.

At Rouen

In Rouen, four "yellow vests" were slightly injured by a motorist who tried to split the procession with his car. The driver, who was with his wife and baby, was blocked by protesters, according to a police source.

In Nantes

The demonstration in Nantes, which took part in 1,600 protesters according to a police source, was peppered with incidents with throwing pavers, bottles and rockets, according to the prefecture.

In Lyon

More than a thousand protesters gathered at the beginning of the afternoon in the center of Lyon, a mobilization globally similar to those of previous weekends. "We'll go all the way. We need one or more reforms (…) so that we can live properly from our work, "said Nolan Battista, among the protesters.

From the beginning of the demonstration, the police used tear gas to prevent the "yellow vests" from entering the shopping streets of the city. "Yellow vests", however, tried to block traffic on the A7 motorway at the southern exit of the city, causing traffic difficulties on this weekend crossover.

at Le Mans

The permanence of the Sarthe MP Damien Pichereau (LREM) was completely "ransacked" Saturday afternoon. "It's a ransacking with thousands of euros in fees," said Damien Pichereau, citing the destruction of computer equipment, furniture and showcase of its permanence. "It's a small group of thugs, integrated into the procession of yellow vests, who acted extremely fast and with great violence," he described, telling the story of witnesses of the scene.

It should be noted that the windows of the regional newspaper's editorial office West France were also targeted during the event.

Launched on November 17, this protest, three months later, less popular favors: for the first time, a majority of French (56%) want the mobilization stops, according to an Elabe poll released Wednesday. And if other events gathering from a hundred to a thousand people were held in Pontivy, Caen, Grenoble, Strasbourg, Alençon, Rennes or Le Mans, calls were launched, in Paris in particular, to continue the mobilization tomorrow Sunday, with a "peaceful" demonstration.