Paco Alcácer: "Work and goals - that's it!"

The striker has presented himself with a furious hit rate at BVB. He talks about his style of play – and why his heart beats for Valencia.

       Interview by Javier Cáceres



    SZ: Mr. Alcácer, Borussia Dortmund will receive a scathing FC Bayern this Saturday (18.30 clock) to the top match of the Bundesliga. What significance does this game have for the championship?


    Paco Alcácer: It's a direct rival, and with a win we'd increase the distance to seven points. But we also know that the season is still very long. Both will have to go through good and bad situations. One thing is clear: this is one of the games that every footballer would like to play, …

"And then we just failed"
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