Paris: explosion in Parisian bakery

In a bakery in the center of Paris is it
on Saturday morning came to a violent explosion. Several people were injured, said a police spokeswoman for the German Press Agency. Whether people hurt
were initially unclear. There was a fire, the explosion in the Rue de Trévise had been strong. The cause was still unclear, it said.

Originally, the fire department had been called to the bakery because of the escape of gas. Windows in the area burst. On pictures, which circulated on Twitter, were debris on the
Street to see, the lower part of a building in the Rue de Trévise in the 9th arrondissement of Paris was devastated. TV pictures showed a large-scale firefighting operation, smoke came out
the building. Several glass panes in the area were by the force
the explosion has been destroyed.

The explosion occurred around one
Kilometers as the crow flies away from the Paris Opera. The authorities in Paris
 are due to announced demonstrations of the "yellow vests" in
Alert. Around 5000 security forces are in the capital
 Use to hedge the protests.

At the demonstrations it was in
 Over the past weeks again and again to violence and riots
come. Especially Paris was affected.