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this winning streak is likely to be the makers of game of Thrones just
conditionally pleased: Six times in a row it managed the Fantasyserie last on the
first place of television shows, the world's most viewed illegally
were. When in April the eighth and final season starts on pay-TV, is likely
be assured of this top position again.

Media companies, television producers and rights holders had hoped that people would gradually turn away from illegal offers. Your arguments: First
is there more streaming servicesthat make it possible, even US series or
Football matches shortly after the broadcast or live to see. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zattoo, or Sky
DAZN rarely advertise more than ten euros a month to viewers and spectators. They also invest billions in their own productions and
Broadcasting rights. Second, a judgment of the European Court of Justice
last year's case law on illegal streaming

Current figures and experiences show that users are taking action
continue unchecked on illegal content. Be it by watching movies, series
and music in file-sharing networks or through so-called one-click hosters
Download. Or just by streaming straight away in the browser, from the current one
Cinema on demand to Bundesliga conference in real time.

show analyzes of the American network supplier Sandvine. Although dominate
Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube meanwhile the
Download traffic. But just over 30 percent share of the total
Uploadtraffics in Europe
, the Middle
East and Africa run through the BitTorrent protocol, via the Internet user
exchange files with each other – not only, but mainly copyright
protected content. For some years, the BitTorrent share has been declining, now
he rose again, especially in this region of the world.

in the
Last summer, the Association of Private Media (Vaunet), to which
also belong to Amazon, Sky and Sony Pictures, the illegal consumption of
live TV content. According to the investigation of
Market research institute Goldmedia regularly inspect 1.9 million Germans
The rights holders passing television – in addition to series and movies was particular
Football is popular. According to the bill of the Vaunet
That alone costs the media companies 430 million a year

Illegal streaming remains too easy

The association sees a general increase in the use of videos and music on the internet
positive: "The good news is: there are apparently many,
very attractive offers, "says Frank Giersberg, member of the
Management of the Vaunet. In the search for the motives go the opinions
but the experts are already apart: The authors of the Sandvine study
speculate that a mess of different offers and content rights
mislead Europeans into evading illegal streams. These allegations
at least the German association rejects: "That may be an argument
but that does not work anymore, "says Giersberg.
Every content is now in just about any language in a short time

by which
is it then? A "mixture of ignorance and comfort",
Giersberg believes. Who equal several available streaming services
wants to subscribe, just to miss nothing, lands quickly at 50 euros or
more a month. There is a general willingness to pay. The
Number of those who have at least one subscription increases annually. According to Vaunet survey
among more than 500 users of illegal streams they would even be ready, on average
18 euros per month to pay – if it were because the illegal offers would not exist.

exactly these are still easy to find. Already over normal search engines
you land quickly on relevant streaming sites. Who is not before the
Computer wants to find, finds dealer, which about Fire TV sticks of Amazon
or set-top boxes for a few euros to convert so that illegal
Sportstreams on the TV run. Legally, that's even more shaky than
the language in which the advertisement is written. "Opportunity
Thieves, "says Giersberg
Internet users and users some illegal website for a legitimate
Keep offer. With sober overview and station logos disguise themselves as legitimate