Paulskirchenbesetzung tolerated by Attac until Sunday morning

Frankfurt / Main (AP) – Globalization critics have occupied the Paulskirche in Frankfurt on Saturday. About 50 activists gathered in the building and unfurled posters.

An inscription read: "Continue with democracy!". In the afternoon they held a panel discussion with various participants, such as the Globalization Critical Network Attac announced. In the evenings, the city of Frankfurt allowed them after several conversations to stay in the symbolic building until Sunday morning.

It was loud and colorful for the church at 2 pm. The protesters waved orange flags from Attac. But they did not stop at the doors, but also went to the inside of the Paulskirche, the location of the first freely elected German parliament as a symbol of the democracy applies to.

They want to open the space for everyone, "to lead a discourse on democracy," one of the activists said in a cheerfully-guided speech on stage. Again posters were rolled out with the inscription "Her with Democracy". In the evening a film screening was planned.

The police were there with dozens of local officials, who closed Paulskirche for more visitors. Some activists had backpacks and sleeping mats. The program that was presented included points until Sunday morning. But since the morning has to be set for a big conference, the city agrees with the activists that they have dealt with the building that has been sweetened at 9 o'clock on Sunday, as a spokesman for the city said.

First, the critics of globalization made a statement in which they asked the question: "In which society do we want to live?" That was why the panel discussion was about to turn, for which also Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) was invited. However, according to his spokesperson, this was during a business trip in Turkey.

An Attac spokesperson said that Feldmann had been informed immediately after the occupation and invited him to take part in the discussion. It was a peaceful protest, emphasized Attac. An information stand was set up for the Paulskirche. While activists and police chatted, a cellist entered.

Earlier, about 200 protesters recalled the start of the global financial crisis ten years ago. Disguised as slaves and with the exhibition symbol animals bull and bear they were moved by the financial district of Frankfurt. Called the event that Attac had in the context of a Europe-wide campaign under the slogan "Finance for the People!".

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