People 2018: What happened ...

… the Görlitz hero?

Daniel Schölzel fought in early 2018 with thousands of colleagues for his and her future.
© Sven Döring / Agentur Focus

Daniel Schölzel wanted to save Siemens jobs in his city

When the year 2018 began, Daniel Schölzel had a "funny, one
      "he says to himself," Siemens, his employer, wanted the plant in Görlitz,
      his hometown, close

Today, Daniel Schölzel and his colleagues in Görlitz are among the winners of the year. Instead of giving up the location, Siemens has even upgraded it.

How did that succeed? By making their protest political. By not starting a labor dispute like any other, but triggering a Germany-wide discussion. The debate revolved around the question: how can such an important concern as Siemens, especially in the Saxon East, where populism has thrived for years, close a whole factory? Does not this company have political responsibility? In all national media, also in the
        this question was discussed.

In the middle of January 2018, in Goerlitz – because of Siemens – so many people took to the streets as never before fall of the wall: 7000. Some companies released their employees so they could participate in the demo. Daniel Schölzel tells us that he has never looked elsewhere, that none of his colleagues did that: "We really wanted to change Siemens." At some point, the company boss Joe Kaeser drew. And that's not all: The Görlitz location was declared a so-called tail unit. From here, employees in India, Brazil, the Czech Republic and the USA will be guided. Also their own suggestions to make the work more effective, worked the staff. A small delegation cycled to hand over the concept from Görlitz to Munich.

In other words, in 2018, the Siemensians from the East have proven that anger too
      productive use. If you stay loud – but decent.
Anne Hähnig